LCG Rangers vs West Coast Waynes

LCG Rangers vs West Coast Waynes



Date Time Division Sea
May 2, 2024 9:00 pm SILVER Spring 2024

LCG Rangers

# Player Pos G A SOG PIM GA SV
88Brent Anderson-000000
16Jeremy Reed-320000
24Jordan Oakley-140000
11Kyle Westeringh-000000
7Liam Warren-000000
17Linden Willock-130000
4Mike Carlson-120000
1Shaun MartensG00190811
 All 611190811

West Coast Waynes

# Player Pos G A SOG PIM GA SV
9Boston Hill-100000
35Brayden CramptonG002601511
27Gord Haglin-010000
16Joel Smith-100000
18Kahn Dhaliwal-210000
14Lee Hill-020300
6Levi Benson-220000
44Reider Haglin-100000
10Robert Raack-000000
4Tej Dhaliwal-120000
77Trey Williams-000000
11Tyler Schenderling-010000
Zach Benson-000000
 All 892631511

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