Tigers vs Storm

Tigers vs Storm



Date Time Division Sea
November 22, 2022 7:45 pm BANTAM Fall 2022


# Player Pos G A SOG PIM GA SV
58Ed Kuipers-130000
30Ethan Kuipers-200000
6Jordan Pilling-010000
81Lucas Johnson-100000
8Lynden Pilling-100000
77Norman Isaak-130000
14Oliver KokoskaG00260521
70Ralph Isaak-000000
91Wade Klee-000000
 All 67260521

Storm old

# Player Pos G A SOG PIM GA SV
1Ben Wilnechenko-00250619
88Bruce Richardson-000000
6Bryce Richardson-010000
20Cole Richardson-010000
31Damien Carriere-010000
10Dan Koenig-000000
9David Elchuk-000000
5Dylan Wilnechenko-320000
34Elias Carriere-110000
32Zavian Carriere-100000
1Bryce DaviesG00250619
 All 565001238

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