1Jordan Pauls-2639
2Ed Kuipers-2257
3Dallas FunkEagles2336
4Dylan WilnechenkoChiefs2325
5Dave BeekeStorm2505
6Xander FunkEagles2415
7Norman IsaakEagles2145
8Josh SchaperStorm2314
9Connor Wilton-2044
10Lucas JohnsonEagles2134
11Bryce RichardsonTigers2213
12Nash BerthiaumeTigers2213
13Jeff Wilton-2033
14Eric BerthiaumeTigers2033
15Jordan PillingStorm2112
16Jordan Kehler-2112
17Lynden PillingStorm2112
18Dave Darling-2022
19Ethan Kuipers-2202
20Elias CarriereChiefs2112
21Ralph Isaak-2202
22Norm Sagert-2011
23Cole RichardsonTigers2011
24Damien CarriereChiefs2011
25Zavian CarriereChiefs2101
26Bruce RichardsonTigers2101

We recognize that striving for physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and friendship contribute to lifelong athleticism and good citizenship.

Where We Play