1Ryan ValentaSecond Chances191837
2Landon TrudeauBarracuda191433
3Taylor KarrBoxers20929
4Tyler ChristieSecond Chances131528
5Nathan MingBoxers91120
6JJ KeramidopulosBarracuda61218
7Aiden KirkpatrickBulldogs8614
8Kyle BrownBoxers7613
9Ian PoettckerSecond Chances01111
10Dylan TonksSecond Chances7411
11Devon WhiteBarracuda459
12Isaac MingBoxers178
13Brandon DolbySecond Chances538
14Harrison TrudeauBarracuda617
15Stephen BleschBarracuda516
16Brock MacholzBulldogs055
17Jesse MooreBoxers224
18Lee McGregorBoxers011

We recognize that striving for physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and friendship contribute to lifelong athleticism and good citizenship.

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