Chiefs vs Tigers

Chiefs vs Tigers



Date Time Division Sea
November 21, 2023 7:45 pm BANTAM Fall 2023


# Player Pos G A SOG PIM GA SV
80Ben Merchel-000000
8Carter Daigle-000000
88Connor Wilton-000000
78Ed Kuipers-110300
87Ethan Kuipers-000000
77Evan Hoogland-010000
55Jeff Wilton-000000
27Mason Kuipers-100000
10Wade Klee-000000
2Darren Hoogland-000000
29Ian SullivanG0016079
10/11Josh Schaper-110000
 All 3316379


# Player Pos G A SOG PIM GA SV
30Breyden BeekeG00180315
53Bruce Richardson-000000
78Bryce Richardson-000000
58Dave Beeke-210000
81Eric Berthiaume-000300
87Jason Orto-300000
30Marco Potgieter-000000
76Nash Berthiaume-010000
44Norm Sagert-000000
70Norman Isaak-000000
77Ralph Isaak-000000
91Trevor Simpson-200000
 All 72183315

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