Eagles vs Chiefs

Eagles vs Chiefs



Date Time Division Sea
April 25, 2024 7:45 pm BANTAM Spring 2024


# Player Pos G A SOG PIM GA SV
55Andrew Johnson-130000
65Damien Carriere-020000
16Dylan GilesG000000
18Dylan Wilnechenko-310000
5Elias Carriere-110000
66Lucas Johnson-120000
16/13Oliver KokoskaG010000
8Riley Zacharias-000000
34Austin Brugge-000000
7Tyson Brugge-010000
 All 6110000


# Player Pos G A SOG PIM GA SV
37Ashton Breuning-000000
55Brendan Van Veen-010000
29Breyden BeekeG010000
78Cam Overduin-300000
38David Elchuk-020000
81Demi Weijdeman-200000
18Mason Adam-000000
2Nick Kooyman-000000
11Tyler Neels-000000
68Cody Oveduin-000000
88Dave Beeke-000000
 All 540000

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